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Are Muumi baby diapers biodegradable?

The main raw material used in Muumi Baby diapers is cellulose, which is completely biodegradable. Other materials which are not biodegradable, such as non-woven fabrics, are also used in the diapers.

There is currently no fully biodegradable disposable diaper on the market, but the share of biodegradable materials is increasing, and new, more environmentally responsible materials are continually being developed.

When considering the environmental burden of diapers, it’s worth considering the diaper’s entire life cycle, from raw material to manufacture and disposal. Muumi Baby diapers are made from carefully selected pure and safe raw materials. We always strive to choose Nordic raw materials suppliers. The Finnish cellulose used in our Muumi Baby diapers is completely chlorine-free, as the cellulose we used is bleached using 100% pure oxygen. This is the safest solution for both the environment and for babies’ skin. We must also consider that almost no waste disposal plants accept biowaste that contains human waste. The reason for this is the safety of the personnel at waste disposal plants. Muumi Baby diapers are chlorine-free, so they can be disposed of as waste-to-energy waste. Muumi Baby diapers are packed in biodegradable bags, which can be reused as biowaste bags.

What makes Muumi Baby diapers eco-diapers?

Muumi Baby diapers differ from regular disposable diapers in many ways, except absorption capacity. The biggest differences include the raw materials used, as all diapers consist of a number of different materials. The raw materials used in Muumi Baby diapers are carefully selected and meet the stringent criteria of the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and the Finnish Allergy, Skin and Asthma Federation. The manufacturing process of an eco-diaper also differs from that of a regular diaper in terms of the energy source used. Muumi Baby diapers’ production process only uses renewable and certified hydroelectricity, which does not release any harmful carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere. The heat generated in the production process is used to heat the production factory. A third significant difference is the processing of production waste; our production produces no landfill waste whatsoever. Instead, they are recycled or incinerated to produce new energy.

The production of Muumi Baby diapers considers the product’s entire life cycle from an environmental perspective, from raw materials production to diaper manufacture, energy sources, wholesale logistics, and waste management. At Muumi Baby they are proud to announce that their diapers are 100% carbon neutral. Reference: https://www.muumibaby.fi/en/faq/