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EKO newborn open diapers


Newborns’ sensitive skin requires a particularly gentle diaper – that’s why at Muumi Baby’s created the extremely reliable, safe and skin-friendly first diaper for your newborn.

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The main absorbent material used in diapers is pure, 100% FSC-certified cellulose from Finnish forests. The cellulose is bleached with oxygen, making it 100% chlorine-free. The absorbent core is wrapped in non-woven fabric, which has water-permeable and repellent properties. A small number of superabsorbent polymers (SAP) are mixed in with the cellulose in the absorbent layer. The superabsorbent is completely proven safe and allergy-tested material which have been used in children’s diapers for more than 20 years. At Muumi Baby the continually strive to develop diapers to be more eco-friendly and that’s why they use significantly less superabsorbent than many leading brands. Despite this, diapers are effective with a structure that distributes moisture evenly through the diaper and keeps skin dry.
Muumi Baby diapers’ surface and outer layers, which come into contact with the baby’s skin, are made from soft and skin-friendly material. The interior is polypropylene non-woven fabric and the exterior is made of breathable polyethylene plastic and a non-woven fabric blend of polypropylene and polyethylene.
Muumi Baby Newborn diapers in sizes 1 and 2 have a special design around the navel. This makes the diaper gentle on newborns’ sensitive navel.
Only thoroughly researched and clean raw materials and breathable surface materials are used in the super-soft and gentle Muumi Baby diapers to keep your baby’s skin dry and healthy during the day and at night.
Muumi Baby diapers’ excellent absorption distributes moisture evenly throughout the diaper. The rear and side elastics meanwhile guarantee a better fit and prevent side and back leaks – keeping your baby happy for longer.
No unnecessary chemicals such as chlorine, lotions, fragrances, glyphosates, latex, formaldehyde or phthalates are added to Muumi Baby diapers – and that’s why they’re suitable for babies’ sensitive skin.

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The diaper fastenings, such as tapes, are made from polypropylene and polyethylene, and the leak guards are made from polypropylene plastic. All of the glues used in the diapers are FDA-approved hot glues, which are the same glues used in the food industry to glue e.g. chocolate wrappers.
Muumi Baby diapers are a carefree and safe choice for your child, as all of the raw materials used to make them fulfil the stringent criteria for chemicals set by the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and the Finnish Allergy, Skin and Asthma Federation. Muumi Baby diapers never contain fragrances, dyes or lotions, which could irritate the baby’s skin.


It was a pleasant surprise to see a slightly different thank you card in the package. The BinBee team really thinks sustainably, designing their thank you card as a bookmark. Very creative!

Nina B.

I have ordered from you several times and each time I received my order very quickly, usually the next day after placing my order.

You are great, thank you.

Veronika Č.

I have been ordering the BinBee foil since I started using the diaper bin. The savings are significant, and what is more, there is not so much plastic waste of plastic cartridges.

Barbara V.