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BinBee Nappy Bin Refill Film “L”

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Refill your diaper cassettes with the BinBee refill film.
The BinBee “L” 200 m refill film is an excellent ecological and economical solution for diaper cassettes used in Sangenic nappy disposal system and other bins with cassettes.
Nappy disposal system is almost a must accessory for moms, as it prevents the spread of unpleasant odors from nappy bins.

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With the BinBee refill foil, you will quickly and easily fill empty cassettes. At the same time, you will also save money. Not only the savings, it is also important that the BinBee filler is sustainable and environmentally friendly. When you use it, you won’t throw away any more cassettes, but you will fill the empty cassette with BinBee film again and again… There is nothing better than saving and preserving the environment. Advantages?

  • Ecological choice, as there are no waste cassettes
  • Savings compared to buying new cassettes
  • Equivalent to approximately 18 cassettes refills
  • Quick and easy to use
  • It takes up less storage space
  • Use BinBee tube and refill your empty casette in only 2 minutes.

Additional information

Weight 1300 g
Package quantity


The BinBee “L” 200 m refill film is an extremely strong diaper bin bag that perfectly prevents the formation of odors and the spread of microbes. The filler is waterproof and without additional chemical treatment and is therefore hypoallergenic. It is BPA-free and made in Slovenia.
Do not throw away old cartridge – simply refill with new refill film “BinBee”.
Cut the desired length of film and place it back in the cassette.
Suitable for Tommee Tippee® cassettes:
Sangenic® Twist & Click
Sangenic® Hygiene Plus
Sangenic® Tec
Simplee Sangenic
Nappy Wrapper
Nappy Wrapper Maxi
Nursery Essentials™
AngelCare® Cassettes:

Captiva Deluxe
Captiva Comfort
and others:

Litter Locker® I
Litter Locker® II
Litter Locker® Plus
Playtex® Diaper Genie
Windeleimer Startplus
Vital Baby

  • WARNING: To avoid choking hazard, keep the plastic film away from babies and children. Do not use these refill cassettes in cribs, beds, carts or playpens. These refill cassettes are not a toy.
  • DISCLAIMER: Tommee Tippee is a registered trademark of Mayborn (UK) Limited. Sangenic is a registered trademark of Sangenic International Limited. This product is not manufactured under the permission of Mayborn (UK) Limited or Sangenic International Limited The use of the brand name Tommee Tippee and Sangenic for this product is solely to demonstrate compatibility.


It was a pleasant surprise to see a slightly different thank you card in the package. The BinBee team really thinks sustainably, designing their thank you card as a bookmark. Very creative!

Nina B.

I have ordered from you several times and each time I received my order very quickly, usually the next day after placing my order.

You are great, thank you.

Veronika Č.

I have been ordering the BinBee foil since I started using the diaper bin. The savings are significant, and what is more, there is not so much plastic waste of plastic cartridges.

Barbara V.