5 resons for a diaper bin

A diaper bin is a uniquely designed trash can that is made to seal off odors. While not an absolute necessity, it is a lot more efficient at keeping the odor of smelly diapers away than your standard garbage can.

It is practically ab indispensable accessory of every mother. Most mothers are convinced that they do not need a diaper bin, but later realize this is not the case. Figures say that up to 2,500 diapers are used and thrown away for one child. And all those diapers should go in the right bin, which blocks the smells.

There are several types of diaper bins, and each of them has its own advantages.

The Tommee Tippee nappy disposal system uses special cassettes in which the foil is placed for disposal. When you push the diaper into the bin, the foil wraps the dirty diaper and thus prevents the spread of odors. When you rotate the cassette, each diaper is individually wrapped, which minimizes the spread of bacteria.

It has a lid on top that fits nicely and keeps the smell out.

When your cassettes runs out we recommend BinBee foil, as it is an ecological alternative to new cartridge.Money saving are also in place while using BinBee eco refill foil. You can order it here.-link

The bin is easy to clean and easy to use. The design of the diaper bin is made in a way you can use it with only one hand. We all know the safe way to change a baby’s diaper – you gently hold the baby with one hand, while with the other hand you simply open the lid of the basket, put the diaper into the bin, turn the switchand close the lid.

It has a modern design and it fits perfectly with any room or bathroom. 

The main functions of the basket are:

• Protection – each diaper is wrapped in foil, which means additional protection against odors and bacteria,

• Hygienic – waste diapers do not come into direct contact with the bin,

• Practical – you can fit up to 36 diapers (size 5) in it, so you don’t have to throw every diaper in the trash after changing it,

• Use: drop the diaper into the basket, rotate the cassette and drop the lid.

Tommee Tippee Twist&Click cassettes are suitable for the Sangenic Twist&Click diaper basket. After using up the foil in the diaper bin cassette, continue using the BinBee refill with the help of the BinBee tube.

Do not worry! Even when your little ones grow up and the diaper basket no longer serves the purpose of throwing away diapers, you can use it as a cosmetic bin in the bathroom. It is just the right size for all of cotton pads other cosmetic waste.